New Year’s Resolutions to Make- and How to Keep Them

The countdown is on. Not only to a brand new year, but a new decade! With 2020 right around the corner and a fresh start in sight, many people are feeling inspired and find themselves looking for a New Year’s resolution to pledge improvements in their lives.

45% of Americans say they make a New Year’s resolution. Some of the most popular resolutions include to eat healthier, get more exercise, save money, focus on self care, read more, make new friends, learn a new skill, get a new job, take up a new hobby, spend more time with friends and family, quit smoking, drink less alcohol, get organized, and travel more.

What are some ways you can improve your chances for success in reaching your New Year goals?

1. Get Ready

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so before you jump right in to a major change, give yourself time to get used to the idea. Schedule some time to take a look at your past year’s accomplishments. Identify areas where you made progress, and areas where you may have fallen short. Be sure to stay positive, celebrate your accomplishments, and use that motivation in your new goal setting.

2. Be Realistic

Sometimes with the motivation of a new year and fresh start, you may set a goal that is too large to achieve. Remind yourself that change should be gradual. Set small goals that are more achievable and build on these smaller changes to make progress toward your overall goal. You can even break up your resolution into weekly or monthly goals by making a list of milestones you can reach in different time periods. Don’t be discouraged if you make a mistake or miss a mark- allow a little room for error. If a setback occurs, look at what led up to that moment and think of how you can avoid it in the future. If you make a mistake, don’t give up! Own it and move on.

3. Share your Goals

Bring a sense of accountability to your resolution by sharing it with someone. Being open about a goal will make it more real, and often times some public accountability can be more powerful than self motivation. Share your setbacks and progress with this person. Be sure to choose someone who will stay positive and cheer you on, and encourage you if you feel like giving up.

4. Celebrate your Successes Each Year

To keep the motivation it’s important to celebrate your successes each year. A great way to do this is to mark the new year as a momentous occasion and treat yourself with something fun- perhaps a New Year’s Eve Celebration. That’s where we come in! We officially invite you to New Year’s Eve at the Oasis with REZA and The Rosy Hips. We have a terrific night of entertainment planned to ring in the new decade. Between the inspiration of a new year, dressing up in your most festive attire, celebrating with friends, toasting with champagne, and the midnight kiss with that special someone, New Year’s is a truly special occasion worth celebrating and we hope to have the honor of welcoming you as our guest.